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1st-Mar-2019 01:20 am - * Oops
Current Family- doll version
16th-Aug-2012 06:07 pm - Many words, part 2.

continued from here.

I really liked how it was pokemon, yet the storyline is super similar to Japanese history, with Nobunaga trying to conquer all and Kenshin and Shingen being sworn enemies and Yukimura being under Shingen and Masamune being... well, Masamune.

Pokemon talk (?!)Collapse )

Oh, and then there was this period I really missed the states, so I dug up some photos from last december.

Lone Cypress @ 17 Mile Drive
Lone Cypress at 17-Mile-Drive, Monterey Peninsula, California. I love this place. I keep telling my brother and the friend I went with that I'm gonna stay here on day. Yeah, when I make my first billion maybe.

America talkCollapse )

So yes, that is what I've been up to. Other than the Olympics, but trust me, you DO NOT WANT ME STARTING ON PHELPS. Haha. I could prolly babble for 3 whole hours. I've also been watching Alcatraz, which I told myself repeatedly NOT TO WATCH, because the show was cancelled after season 1. I thought it was a good show, though!!! I wish they had continued it :( I really liked Jack Selvyne. And I've always liked thriller-criminal genres :( Oh well :( Vampire Diaries coming back in less than 2 months! I bet Elena'll make the worst vampire ever. =A=
16th-Aug-2012 05:54 pm - Many words, part 1.
Character Evolution: Rieru
That's Rieru on the left, a year or so ago. And on the right is him now. He's really changed quite a lot, huh?

Atobe brothers talkCollapse )

Moving on from the brother's storyline...

portraits  ll  Vogue

Vogue talkCollapse )

"Will you change? Or will you cease to be?"
THIS, is Kage's ancient costume that I snagged at HKDP as well. It had that outer kimono layer but omg, I gave up trying to fit it on XDDD I was insanely obsessed with my pokemon conquest game at this point (sometime last week).

continued here, because LJ says I talk to much :(
28th-Feb-2012 12:20 pm - So like. I wrote a story...
This is kinda ridiculous and I told myself I would never post it, but... I finally bought Vogue?
Ahem. Please excuse me while I shoot myself for having an amazing resolve, and enjoy the story ^^;;;


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13th-Jan-2012 03:10 am - Current family; version DOLL

Obviously I am very bored D:

So so, which is your favorite? :D
/cuddles imaginary Jasper who is away on faceup T__T
22nd-Dec-2011 07:11 pm - Current dollie family~

Indeed, there are slight changes XD

Rieru as in my Amakusa can no longer be the arrogant host I had in mind for Rieru as a character because he is JUST TOO CUTE?! My Amakusa is now Satoru, youngest brother of the Atobe family ^^ I love his doll character up there with the big bag of grocery and what not :3

Err, there are 2 avatars for Dominus because he is a student and a secret assassin. I guess he took over the assassin role of Babylon, my Nanuri 07 which I've since sold~

All of you should do this! It's so fun! :D I used this to create them :)
10th-Dec-2011 11:06 am - Hi from Vegas!

Yay loot of the day! For the record, only 2 Guess wallets belongs to me! The rest are for friends :D
And the long top thingum from Kate Spade is so damn cute. It's like a human version of my dolly clothes XD
but like 5 times the price of ALG It was initially 500 USD (for a top, CAPITAL WTF) but got it today at the factory outlet for 100USD thanks to the aaaaaaamazing discounts!! The Kate Spade bag I've wanted forever; but alas Singapore ran out of stock! It was like 450SGD and I got it for 355/2 USD today! Kate spade was having 50% sale OMG it was hard not to just buy every pretty thing T__T anyway currently the bag count at home is at 46, and it's gonna be 47 when I get my MBMJ soooon (hopefully; why they no factory outlet?! /cheapo) so please stop me from buying anymore bags or I will need a new house soon or something .__.

Of course I bought the dolls something! Got beer mugs from downtown Vegas, a mini mahjong set (Qi/Kaname/Gou yakuza shoot soon thanks), and some random star wars box for Ying's school bag XD;; Oh I bought a dolly watch too but it costs like 6USD! I bet HK was much cheaper. And they had like only one nice watch here; super limited designs!

I remember Best Buys to be everywhere around the states; why I no see them now?! Need to get Kindles very urgently -.- shall go google them now, hopefully they have a store in Vegas. Grand Canyon tmr! (a bit apprehensive about the heli ride because one just crashed yesterday and the pilot and 4 passengers were killed >__>;; )

Gonna try the casino tmr; too tired today to do anything more.

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5th-Dec-2011 02:42 pm(no subject)

Hello all from San Francisco!

Weather here is good, 12 degrees! Free wifi too, yay forever :D
There was a delay while transiting in Inchon, so got to hang around the airport a bit.

Going shopping later! I've heard like at least 10 times that luxury goods are waaay cheaper in the US, gonna check it out tonight :D
Americans are so friendly, they talk to you randomly on the street (although, yes, some comments are a little... Weird. Haha)

My first meal in America was subway! =.= but they have this super awesome cream of veggie thingum that they should totally bring into Singapore!
Okie gonna bathe now then walk around before dinner.

I always feel like I've gone back in time when I'm in America due to the 16 hour lag ^__^;;

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27th-Nov-2011 03:48 am - SPECKY IS HOME!!! <3
I'm so thankful my ipad went all funny on me and as a result I stayed up til now trying to fix it. While syncing my ipad I saw a white blur running across the hallway into the kitchen... IT LOOKED LIKE SPECKY!! So I called my maid up (at 4am, lol) and we began operation FIND SPECKY! I could tell she thought I was insane ^^;;

Anyway Speck's home! ^_________^ He was really scared when he saw us, though. I guess it can't be helped since he hasn't seen humans in 2 weeks! He's really really skinny and small too ;_____; So I guess the thief who has been eating out of the big container of hammy food WAS a hamster!! (I thought I was secretly rearing a lizard -.- )

We managed to wrap a cloth around my little hammy after using a rod to get him out from under the fridge.. He's now back in his cage, although he's totally acting like he has never been in it before. I feel like I got a brand new hamster or something..

Oh well I'm just really really really really really glad he is HOME!! ^____^ It'll take time for him to warm up to us again but it's okay, I can wait :D Thanks to all my friends who recommended ways of catching him! (the food-in-a-pail-to-trap-him didn't really work out like the way it was intended to, but at least it fed him in the 2 weeks he was away!)



Oh err, my ipad-syncing-video problem remains unfixed. How to sync HD youtube videos in?? I've downloaded the files in 1024HD from youtube but after I put it through conversion to mp4 the quality drops to maybe 0.1 megapixels -.-


Ugh, why the hell do people do Accountancy as a degree? I cannot imagine spending my entire university life studying accountancy modules. 3 is enough, thanks. And the difficulty level increases on a exponential scale; Financial Accounting- Lv 99. Management Account- Lv 999. Corporate Reporting next semester will be ...........................................

And, I guess Specky is gone for good. He just... vanished into thin air /: I've tried all trap methods recommended by friends and online forums, but no trace~ /sinks further into depression
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