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♠ we sit here and count sheep

don't let this dream end?

♠ A. ─┘ : Boosted Bass
6 January 1991
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Hi there, my name is Audrey C:
I love sleeping and all things related to bumming around, and I am madly in love with Green.
I am also a student doing Business Management in University, and I'm hoping to major in Finance.

Lastly, I collect Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. Meet the boys♥

Dolls I own,
DF Juri 07A - Vynce-Chelsey
SDF Frey - Caleb Lee
SDF Abadon - Sakurazaki Jasper
Migidoll Yuri Boy - Ying
Volks SD13B Tony - Asagi Gou
Volks SD13B Amakusa Shiro Tokisada - Atobe Rieru
Volks SD17 Williams ~The Darkness of Ensign~ - Atobe Riku

& those I no longer have,
DF Nanuri 07 - Babylon Leto
SDF Summery 08 - Ashley Emmanuel
DF Moon SS Mod - Valentine-Chelsea

I was relatively inactive awhile back, but I've recently gotten the hang of LJ, so YAY! :D